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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Blaine uses a "misfit" as a source; Kennedy Detail agents lied or were "misquoted"? Boring's words are ironic

Blaine uses a "misfit" as a source; Kennedy Detail agents lied or were "misquoted"? Boring's words are ironic

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Retired agents fire at Hersh, each other

[City Edition]

Boston Globe - Boston, Mass.


Chris Black, Globe Staff


Nov 22, 1997

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One of the retired Secret Service agents used as a primary source in Seymour N. Hersh's new book, "The Dark Side of Camelot" said yesterday that the Pulitzer Prize-winning author misquoted him and exaggerated the things he told Hersh.

Joseph Paolella, a private investigator in Los Angeles, one of four retired Secret Service agents Hersh cites as sources for some of the most titillating allegations about President John F. Kennedy's sexual behavior, said, "There were so many misquotes. He used literary license in what he has done. When the book was sent to me I almost fainted. I was so embarrassed." [if these were misquotes, WHY DID THE AGENTS REPEAT WHAT THEY SAID ON A MAJOR ABC DOCUMENTARY THAT MADE IT TO HOME VIDEO? WHY DIDN'T THEY SUE HERSH? Why, indeed...]

Another agent, though not a Hersh source, also rebutted the book. Floyd Boring, the number two agent at the White House during the Kennedy administration, said the book's allegations are false. He said that Larry Newman and Paolella, the main sources, had reasons to be vengeful because both were transferred off the prestigious White House assignment after relatively short stints. Boring said Newman badmouthed the president and his brother, Attorney General Robert Kennedy, and Paolella was "a misfit . . . we had to unload him after a very short term."

"These guys are trying to get a little bit of fame as they wander off the scene. They take lot of people down with them," said Boring, now 82, who protected five presidents, from Franklin D. Roosevelt to Lyndon B. Johnson. "These people wait until everybody dies off and then they attack people."

Newman, reached at his home in Colorado, stood by his allegations. He said Boring "was never where these things took place. So what he says and what I say are two different things."

He declined to explain the reasons for his transfer.

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